Images and videos

My mission is to create the right message for the audience, and therefore I understand the importance of visuals in a user's experience. Whether it's an inspirational image, exercise video or promotional campaign, I'm not afraid to take my skills and knowledge into the Canva studio (or in front of the camera) 

Exercise Tips

This exercise tip was created in January 2021 for a Wishroute co-branded "Frozen Fitness" challenge to motivate users to get moving during the winter

Accompanying text message: "Morning! We know it can be tough to get outside for a workout when it's cold outside 🌬 Use these tips to warm up, get motivated, and prep your body for movement before you step outside"


Part of my copywriting work with Wishroute included promotional materials, like this text message campaign to re-engage former users. I also provided assistance with new business development materials and media reach-out 

In Wishroute's earlier years as a direct-to-consumer company, I'd often step into the role of Trainer Kait to produce original content. Check out my 2-minute demo on proper push-up and squat form, part of the 2-week Wishroute SMS program, "Get Up Get Down"