Blog Contributions

A sampling of my contributions for Wishroute blog (2018-2022) featuring healthy habit tips and industry articles used for content marketing 

Wishroute - A Health Coach’s 4 Simple Tips to Overcoming Food Tracking Road Blocks

You’re likely here because you’re just getting started food tracking, or are getting back into it, and have some hesitations. You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been helping personal training clients and Wishrouters get over food tracking woes for years, and today I’ll give you some mindset tips to work through them so you can find success with your healthy eating goals.

Keeping a food log has been recommended for years by wellness experts -- whether done in an app or on a pad of paper, it ca

Wishroute - Wishroute Team Tip: Healthy Snacks on the Go

Starting new eating habits is hard, so we want to help make your snacking decisions easy.

It's nice when you have the time to prep snacks, but sometimes you won't, especially when you're on the go. If you're rushing out the door, it can make a huge difference to have something healthy, filling, and convenient to toss in your bag.

Try these three Wishroute-approved snacks:

These come packed with 11g of protein and <1g of sugar (Use code WISH20 for 20% off!)

This snack clocks in at just 1

Wishroute - Team Spotlight - Meet Kait Taylor

Hey Kait, when did you start with Wishroute?

I started with Wishroute very early on - our CEO & Founder Jess likes to say I’ve been here since the beginning. I was working full-time as a personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor back in 2018 when a funny coincidence turned into meeting Jess for coffee, where we chatted about how even with all the wellness products and apps out there, so many people still struggled to meet their health goals. Then Jess shared what she had been working o

Wishroute - Top 5 Things the Most Successful Wishrouters Do

The days when you aren’t able to follow through on your intention are days when you can have the biggest breakthroughs. Take them as opportunities to learn and grow, not put yourself down. That being said, we know unlearning self-deprecation is hard, and aren’t here to judge if you’re having a crummy day and aren’t feeling like a ray of sunshine. We’re all human just trying our best.

Committing to a full-length workout, an afternoon of meal prep, or a full kitchen cleanout is freakin’ awesome,